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Get The Most Out Of Your Library Card By Using Our Digital Library!
As coronavirus continues to spread, more and more people are self-isolating, social distancing, and working from home. If you’re hoping to stay busy during this time, the Jacksonville Public Library has a variety of digital content, all accessible from the comfort of your home through your computer, television or smart device. If you have a library card, you can access this content for free. Click here to visit the Jacksonville Public Library website.

If you do not have a library card, sign up for a e-card to access the digital library. Below is a list of some of the electronic resources available that you can access from the library at home: 

1. E-books 

Whether you prefer reading on a tablet, smartphone, or computer, your library has thousands of e-books you can download. In addition to a wide array of novels and nonfiction offerings, we also provide digital versions of kids books, cookbooks, and so much more! You can use your library card to create free account on Overdrive and Hoopla to unlock thousands of popular e-books. 

2. Movies and Television 

If you’ve exhausted all your options on Netflix, Hulu, and other popular streaming services, be sure to check out our streaming services. Whether you’re looking for a documentary, comedy, or a series to keep the kids busy, we have thousands of free options available! Use your library card to create free accounts on Kanopy and Hoopla to watch our collection of movies and television shows. 

3. Audiobooks 

If there comes a time when you find you and your kids need a break from screens, think audiobooks. Audiobooks are great for getting free, on-demand entertainment straight from your library. Audiobooks allow kids to listen to books that might otherwise be too hard for them to read on their own. Plus, they’re perfect for kids because they can do other activities while listening. You can use your library card to create free accounts on Overdrive and Hoopla to access tons of popular audiobooks.

4. Tutorials and Courses 

Level up your skills at home. We have electronic learning resources available for subjects including technology, languages, science, design and more. Use your library card to create free accounts on and to brush up on your skills at home.  

5. Magazines and Newspapers

Feel like flipping through a magazine or newspaper? With your library card you have access to our digital magazine services that offer access to hundreds of popular titles, such as The EconomistThe New YorkerNewsweek and more! Sign up to RBDigital and Flipster to view newspapers and magazines now.