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KHA's Results-Based Accountability™ Training and Support

As part of Kids Hope Alliance’s (KHA) commitment to helping achieve greater results for the children, youth, and families, KHA is integrating the Results-Based Accountability™ (RBA) framework into the contracting and reporting process. RBA is a disciplined way of thinking and acting to improve entrenched and complex social problems using data. 

Developed by Mark Friedman and described in his book, Trying Hard is Not Good Enough, RBA is being used in all 50 United States and in more than a dozen countries around the world to create measurable change in people’s lives, communities, and organizations.

To assist providers and the community in understanding and implementing the RBA framework, KHA has available a two-hour webinar RBA 101, “Turn the Curve” Thinking which is available on CollaborNation®. The webinar covers the principles and framework of RBA, common language, and terminology, and the “Turn the Curve” thinking which drives continuous improvement for greater impact in organizations. A clear focus on RBA through an equity lens is included. The webinar ends with an example of an interactive “Turn the Curve” exercise to experience the power of RBA.

“Turn the Curve” thinking is to be part of the quality improvement of services provided through the Kids Hope Alliance. 

Additional Technical Assistance sessions are scheduled to provide agency leaders to ask questions and obtain support for the development of performance measures for their programs. These sessions will be available throughout the year 2023. Register on CollaborNation®.

1. Click on CollaborNation® to log into system. 
2. Choose to Register as a New User or Login/Find Classes with your credentials assigned upon registration (email address and password)
3. Once logged in, using the menu on the left margin, select 2nd icon "Course Catalog"
4. At the Course Catalog page, Type RBA in the search field and select “Search”
5. Select "Learn More" to review the course requirements
6. Select "Add to My Courses"
7. Select "Take Course" from "My Courses"