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Applying for an Opportunity

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After you login, search for opportunities and select an opportunity to which you want to apply.

Click Apply on the Opportunity Details page.

Result: The Applications page appears.

Update the Application Name and Total Amount of Award Requested on the Project Information page.

Edit the Primary Control Information if needed.

Click Save & Continue.

Result: The Forms page appears.

When you access the fund application, you will find a number of sections that pertain to both your organization and the grant program.

Sections include, but may not be limited to:

  • Agency Background and Experience
  • Program Overview
  • Program Activities
  • Program Management and General Overhead
  • Budget
  • Program Impact and Effectiveness

Click Choose File for every section listed on the application. Upload a file that you want to contribute to the application. Remember that every section will be reviewed, analyzed, and scored based on the information that you contribute to the application. This process is part of a competitive award for the opportunity, so your organization’s contribution to the community will be compared to other groups on a scoring scale.

Click Mark as Complete to vertify that you have provided responses for all the required fields on the application form. You cannot mark a form as complete until all required fields are populated. If you attempt to mark a form as complete when all required fields are no populated, then you will receive an application error.

You may still edit responses on the forms that have been marked as complete by returning to the form. Click Save & Continue after you have completed all the required fields on the form.

Result: The Submit page appears.

Click Submit after you have completed all the required fields on the form and want to submit the application for analysis and scoring.

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